As a huge thank you to all the NHS staff for what you have been doing, if you or the clients parents show their NHS card we will discount your lessons by £5 per hour.
Thank you again from everyone at Numero Uno Driving School.

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All I can say is wow and thank you for everyone that voted for me.

It was incredible to have been shortlisted in the top 7 instructors in London but to have won it is mind blowing.

I promise that this year I will work as harder then ever before to get you safe on the roads, qualified to teach or competitive on the track.

Thank you all again and I’ll see you all soon.

Due to increased demand we have disabled online payments, please use the contact form or call us at the number above

Prices for Manual Lessons

9am - 7pm Monday to Friday

9am - 4pm Saturday and Sunday

Please note that lessons booked at times outside those listed above will be charged an additional £5

Single 1 hour lesson

£47 P/H

10 Hours


20 Hours


30 Hours


Prices for Automatic Lessons

Single 1 Hour lesson

£52 P/H

10 Hours


20 Hours


30 Hours


About Numero uno

Teaching all elements of driving

Driving Lessons

Provisional licence holder training for Manual and Automatic cars.

Qualified Driver Training

Refreshers, International Licence Conversions or just wanting to improve your road sense and safety.

Pass Plus

A great course which increases your driving skills and lowers your insurance.

The Numero Uno Driving School thrives on being the best. That is why we have a very high pass rate

We are the original Fiat 500 instructors. Using these cars before all of our competition including BSM. Unlike our competitors though, our cars are top of the range convertible Abarth and Fiat 500's with reverse sensors and air conditioning.

Our automatic car is a Toyota C-HR. On top of this we also use dash cams in all our cars which allow you to review any situations that may arise. We teach all elements of driving from provisional licence holders, qualified driver training, Pass Plus, disability (inc. SEN and deaf clients), fleet courses as well as instructor training and even advanced driver training.

Numero Uno operates in the North London area which includes Enfield and Barnet. Welcome to the new way of learning. We look forward to driving with you soon.


We specialise in coaching those with SEN and deaf clients.

Fleet Courses

Want to make you fleet safer and more efficient? We can help.

Instructor Training

Become a Driving Instructor? With %100 of our clients passing. We won't let you down.

Manual Lessons

Provisional licence holder training

I have been an instructor since 2006 and have had a very high pass rate while producing safe drivers.

You will be using the Abarth or Fiat 500 convertibles with reverse sensors, air conditioning and front and rear dash cameras.

I averaged 28.6 hours from never driven before to passing in 2019, with my quickest being 12.5 hours! The national average is 45 hours of professional instruction with 22 hours with a family member.

I have achieved this by adapting the techniques used to the client's needs (Client Centred Learning), PowerPoint productions, and YouTube videos that are sent to you to revise so that you can jump straight in without needing to waste time talking!

At Numero Uno, you can rest assured that you will always receive only the highest quality of instruction.

  • We will NEVER have another student in the car,
  • We will NEVER answer the phone in your lessons,
  • We will NEVER cut your lesson short.
  • We DO NOT charge additional fees for test day.
  • Our students, on average, spend £1029.60 (30-hour block). Compared to the national average of £32 per hour x 45 hours = £1440. Plus, the additional 22 hours with a family member or friend.

    In short we WILL save you money while making you a safe and capable driver. Guaranteed

    Automatic Lessons

    Provisional licence holder training

    The car you will be learning in is the 2019 Toyota C-HR hybrid. The advantage of training in this vehicle is that it has many features that take away the stresses of learning initially, but as you progress, we will turn these off, which will give you confidence.

    It has Air conditioning, reverse camera, front and rear dash cameras as well as auto lights & wipers. It is also very kind to our environment.

    So if you want to learn a life skill and pass your test, book a lesson here and let us show you how good you can be.

    Pass Plus

    A great course which increases your driving skills and lowers your insurance.

    The Pass Plus course is a great course to help you advance your driving skills as well as getting you cheaper insurance when you get your own car.

    As a Numero Uno customer (starlet), we would have covered all the subjects in your driving lessons but we will further your skills with techniques used to train advanced drivers.

    If you were not a Numero Uno customer but want to do your Pass Plus course, do not worry. We WILL still turn you in to the driver that we turn our starlets in to.

    You will be taught everything that the Pass Plus course teaches as well as extra advise and tips which are used in advanced driving courses.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Send us a message, and we'll get you booked in.

    Special Educational Needs

    Provisional licence holder training

    I have had the pleasure of teaching over 500 people and those include some which needed specialist coaching.

    I have experience in coaching clients with:

  • ADD
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Dyslexia
  • Irien Syndrome
  • MLD
  • PMLD
  • SLD
  • *Prices for SEN Lessons are the same price as Manual/Automatic lessons.

    Physical Disability

    Provisional licence holder training

    We can teach clients with various physical disabilities in our adapted Toyota C-HR. Our car is by far the most user-friendly and adaptable driving school vehicle in London! It is easy to get in and out due to the height and door length. And if required, we have a Car Cane which makes entering and exiting easier.

    We will put your wheelchair in the boot if needed too.

    It has been fitted with:

  • Jeff Gosling Hand controls with indicator switch
  • Jeff Gosling Left foot Accelerator
  • Jeff Gosling Steering Wheel ball
  • Lodgesons Lollypop 13 Switch
  • Panoramic Mirrors
  • Car Cane for making getting in and out easier.
  • You may be entitled to funding from Motability for which you must apply directly through them.

    Familiarisation Tuition

    If you are using an adapted vehicle for the first time, it is very important that somebody can take control from the passenger side for safety. Using alternative control methods takes time and having an instructor with dual controls will hall you build confidence.

    Motability advises that you take 6 hours to get used to hand-controls, and 10 hours for the Left Foot Accelerator. You may also be entitled to funding from Motability. To find out, call 0300 456 4566 and speak to the operations team. And make sure you take note of the persons name, And that you have your CRN number.


    Provisional licence holder training

    Whether you use BSL, SSE, or lip read, we can help.

    You can learn in both manual and automatic vehicles, and with all of our clients, the training will be specifically designed for you.

    We have experience in this field since 2011, so we are in an excellent position to help. So feel free to send us a message or a video call, and we will discuss your path to passing your driving test.

    If you are looking for a top quality driving instructor, please look no further!

    Mike is patient, fun and full of stories.

    His teaching method is unique and allows you to not only learn to drive, but to fully understand the car and the road around you.

    A very positive and memorable experience.

    Jordan Ezra

    Mike is the man!! He is an amazing teacher and I could not recommend him and his service highly enough. Over the course of the 6 months he taught me we formed a great relationship, he is kind, patient, alert, funny, knowledgeable and passionate about driving, which is not a bad combination for a driving instructor!

    He is flexible to suit your needs and availability and has many great stories to listen to as you get to grips with being behind the wheel.

    Don’t even look to go anywhere else, Mike is the best there is, there is a reason why they call him Numero Uno!

    Aidan Hibbett

    Mike's patience can't be understated and his experience, knowledge of driving and the driver's test shows. I couldn't have asked for any more of him as a teacher and always felt safe when driving with him. He showed confidence in me as a new driver from the very first lesson until the last and made sure I was ready when I took my test. Not to mention his flexibility and passion for driving. Also Mike himself is great to chat with while driving, and your lessons will definitely not be boring as he has a lot of great stories to tell, which on their own are worth the lesson fee! 10/10 would recommend.

    Ollie Killip

    The best driving instructor out there! Michael is a lovely guy and a right laugh whilst also being an excellent teacher. He is patient and works very hard to give you the very best service he can. I passed first time and couldn't have done it without his support!

    Gabriela Kemble-Diaz

    Mike is a great driving instructor, helping you progress through each lesson. He is patient and works with you build your confidence and diagnose any problems you may have. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone.

    Rosie Bussandri

    Fantastic teacher, removed all the stress from learning to drive! Mike is a top guy - couldn't recommend more.

    Philip Lardi

    Fleet Courses

    Want to make your fleet safer and more efficient? We can help.

    As an Fleet qualified instructor I can help you and your staff become more efficient and profitable!

    We do this by:

  • Coaching your staff to drive Safer (reducing increased insurance premiums and by not having to pay out for excess)
  • Showing the importance of Eco Driving (reducing fuel expenses, reduces engine wear)
  • Making your drivers think about Mechanical Sympathy (Reducing breakdowns and keeps your vehicles on the road and working)
  • Changing their mind set when it comes to Road Attitude (Less Stress, Lowers the chance of the general public relating your brand as a bad brand)
  • I offer 1 to 1, as well as group or class seminars. By doing a seminar, lowers the costs but without losing out in any way. As long as you have a projector, we can use our Keynote productions and start helping your business thrive.

    Don't forget to speak to your insurance companies, as regular training can vastly reduce your premium.

    So what are you waiting for!

    Send us a message and we'll get you booked in.

    Instructor Training

    Become a Driving Instructor? With %100 of our clients passing. We won't let you down.

    If you want a career change or a part-time job that you will genuinely enjoy, look no further.

    I stumbled into this profession by chance, and I have never looked back and thoroughly enjoy every day. The rewards of seeing your students pass and seeing them on the road is fantastic.

    There is no two ways about it though, the tests are not easy.

    Part 1 - Theory and Hazard Perception test

    Theory Test

    You will be asked 100 questions. These are split into 4 sections and you will be asked 25 from each section.

  • road procedure
  • traffic signs and signals, car control, pedestrians and mechanical knowledge
  • driving test, disabilities, and the law
  • publications and instructional techniques
  • You must get 20 in each section, and an overall pass mark of 85.

    The Hazard Perception Test

    You will be shown a series of 14 video clips. 13 clips have 1 hazard and 1 clip will have 2. You must click to identify you have seen a potential hazard.

    You can score a maximum of 75 but need 57 to pass

    Part 2 - Driving Ability Test

    The test lasts for 1 hour. You will be tested on your driving and all of the reverse manoeuvres as well as the emergency stop.

    You are not allowed to get any more then 6 driver faults (minors) and no Serious or Dangerous Faults (majors)

    You can now apply to be a PDI and earn while advancing your skills. You will need to pass your Part 3 within 6 months.

    Part 3 - Instructional Capability Test

    This test is to assess how you Coach your clients and is the hard one. It has a national average pass rate of 25% so be prepared to work hard!

    So if you want to challenge yourself and start a very rewarding future contact us and we will get you started.

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